This project doesn’t focus on the technical side of blended learning implementation but on the process of HOW to do design and implement quality blended learning.

To do this, educators will first reflect on their current teaching experience, a few of them will prepare and go through and assess the learning activity in Dublin and finally they will test the platform.



Partners in the project strongly believe in the benefits of blended learning in adult education. This is reflected in the elements of the project approach. In the first phase of the project educators are involved directly through structured interviews and a few of them will take part in the training activity. Their feedback and experience in blended learning form the basis of the toolkit. In the second phase of the project the findings of part one are going to be transformed into an interactive blended learning platform for teachers.





  • understand the difference between quality blended learning and poorly based blended learning
  • understand the main principles of successful implementation of blended learning
  • get an overview of selected widely used tools for design and implementation of quality blended learning
  • get practical guidelines about how to design a quality blended learning program
  • get a practical and easy-to-use learning tool that will help improve your teaching experience and the experience of your learners

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
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