UPI-LJUDSKA UNIVERZA ŽALEC – Slovenia (Coordinator)

UPI-LJUDSKA UNIVERZA ŽALEC is a public, non-profit institution for education and training of adults in the Savinja Valley region, Slovenia. It is specialized in diverse range of formal and non-formal education programmes. Further, it provides quality guidance and counselling services to different target groups of adults such as the unemployed, migrants, NEETs, seniors and adults in general. In our numerous national and international projects (Erasmus+) we closely work with stakeholders on the local, national as well as the European level. We are committed to the path of lifelong learning and constantly strive to improve our education programmes according to the needs of our target groups.


VHS Hannover – Germany

VHS Hannover ist the adult education centre of the municipality of Hannover. With about 100 employees and 900 freelance teachers it is the largest municipal adult education provider in the province of Lower Saxony. It is part of the network of about 900 similar institutions in Germany (Volkshochschulverband). VHS Hannover provides courses in areas such as foreign languages, German language for foreigners, health, household skills, arts, and vocational training in certain areas with about 15 000 individuals per semester attending the courses. It also provides counselling services to certain groups such as migrants, seniors and job seekers, and organises events and exhibitions. Courses are held in the main building in the city centre of Hannover, and in a number of other venues across the town.

DIT School of Computing – Ireland

DIT School of Computing is Ireland’s largest Computer Science faculty. We offer professionally-oriented undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD programmes which are characterised by strong industry engagement through internships, industry projects and industry accreditation. We are based in Dublin city centre, Ireland’s capital city, which has earned a reputation as the ‘Silicon Valley of Europe’. Our vision for international activities is that the School will be a global hub for connecting the highest calibre international computer science graduate with the global ICT industry. The School of Computer Science in DIT has an established and extensive track record in many aspects of international activity including the delivery of Bachelor’ degree programmes on three continents (Europe, Asia and Africa) through partnerships with other Higher Education Institutes. Our primary activity is in teaching programmes with a professional and practical focus, that are highly relevant to the needs of the workplace and over the years our curriculum and delivery methods have evolved to meet the needs of the sectors we serve. We aim to ensure that our students have a rich and authentic learning experience based on solving real world problems, thereby ensuring that our graduates are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to adapt and thrive in a knowledge economy.

CCS Digital Education  (Crystal Clear Soft) – Greece

Crystal Clear Soft (CCS) is a software development company actively researching on innovative uses of state of play technology in digital publishing, education, training and knowledge dissemination. Offering a turn-key solution, from conceptualization and instructional design to testing and deployment, CCS has developed applications used in thousands of classrooms all over the world! CCS is a mainly commercial company with international presence and an impressive list of customers, especially in the publishing and corporate training sectors.

DomSpain – Spain

DomSpain Consulting is an adult education organization specialised in the field of education and training, vocational studies, occupational, social and intercultural skills, languages and new technologies. It is specialised in foreign languages, computer technology, and economy, offering a wide range of courses and workshops, which can be tailored to specific needs in any form (long-term or intensive courses, online e-learning, etc.). In addition, it organises, designs and runs all types of trainings, international projects, job shadowing, etc., for students, teachers, academic and administrative staff or people who want to work abroad.

D-Learn (European Digital Learning Network) – Italy

The European Digital Learning Network – DLEARN – is a no-profit association. It aims to embrace the challenges brought by the digital transformation in terms of digital skills mismatch and digital learning opportunities. The 47% of Europeans is not properly digitally skilled, yet in the near future 90% of jobs will require some level of digital skills and numerous opportunities in terms of jobs that are going to shape the labour market. DLEARN wants to bring closer the experiences and the voices of local territories and people to EU polices. Nowadays this process is hindered by the presence of bigger interests, notably big corporation or umbrella organizations. With our activities and through our network we want to minimize this gap, through the achievement of bottom up initiatives, such as:

  • Closer cooperation and enhancement of our activities to a higher level through periodic project labs
  • Tight networking activities and lobbying to achieve a fruitful accreditation of local needs to the relevant EU Commission DGs
  • Improve existing experiences and knowledge of digital learning through sharing of practices and creation of efficient business opportunities


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