Bookstores aren’t normally high up on the list of places for finding dates. But that doesn’t mean you can’t try.

Start by commenting on the book she’s holding. Make sure you know what it’s about and can discuss the author and genre without coming across as annoying. Then move on from there.

1. You’re surrounded by books

Whether they’re a temple to the Dewey decimal system or a shrine to the classics, bookstores are a place where people come together to think and share ideas. But a bookstore is also a great place to meet someone, especially if you know how to strike up a conversation and make her feel comfortable.

To do this, first of all, avoid being creepy. It’s not ok to do laps around the store, pretending to pick up a book now and then while really stalking a cute girl (that just screams sleaziness).

Instead, hang out in the areas where you think people will be looking. If you notice someone browsing the self-help section, try commenting on the cover or a few pages to start a conversation. Then, if the conversation is going well and you can see that she’s interested in talking to you, suggest you get coffee or another drink. This will give you an excuse to talk more and hopefully turn the conversation into a date!

2. You’re surrounded by people

Unlike grocery stores or malls, bookstores tend to be relatively small and more intimate. It makes them a great place to approach women and ask them out. However, you should avoid flirting or hitting on employees. They are not your target audience and will be confused by your advances (plus, they’ve probably heard it all before).

It’s also worth considering the different sections of the bookstore when you plan your approach. For example, if you spot someone in the interior design section, you can ask her about her work as a designer or point out how cool it is that they have an entire section dedicated to the history of architecture.

Bookstores are full of people, including couples shopping together in the children’s section or pairs in their twenties trying out adulthood by merging their collections. With thousands of built-in conversation topics lining the shelves and cafes offering an ideal place to sit, striking up a chat in a bookstore is easier than you might think.

3. You’re surrounded by romance

A bookstore is a place of romance, whether it’s the books themselves or the cozy atmosphere that provides an excellent environment for conversation. It’s also a place where people can connect over their shared love of reading and intellectual stimulation.

A good bookstore will have plenty of built-in conversation topics, from cooking to self-help and everything in between. If you’re not sure how to approach a woman in a bookstore, try something simple like asking her to guard your book while you get a drink of water. It’s a low-pressure way to introduce yourself, and it shows that you are interested in the things she’s reading.

However, it’s important to be careful not to creep women out by hitting on them while they’re browsing the store. It’s best to find a quiet spot and wait for them to approach you, or else they may assume that you are just stalking them for a potential date.

While it’s not at the top of many people’s dating list, bookstores are actually pretty good places to try to meet women. It’s a place where the majority of people have something in common with one another – they love books! But don’t just creepily do laps around the store, “pretending” to pick up a book now and then (that’s just weird). Find a good independent bookstore or even a larger chain that has a nice cafe and hang out there.

If you see a cute girl you’re interested in talking to, strike up a conversation by commenting on what they’re reading or on the general atmosphere of the place. Ask them for recommendations or for their favorite book, but don’t go overboard on being a total bookworm. Remember that people in bookstores are usually just trying to relax and read so they don’t want to be bothered with dating overtures. If they’re not interested, they’ll let you know through monosyllabic answers or by looking away or leaning closer to their book.