There are a lot of places you can go to meet women that aren’t the bars and clubs you see in romantic comedies or sitcoms. You just have to know where to look.

Dog parks are great because people talk about their dogs, which is a natural conversation starter. Museums are also good because you can discuss a topic that interests both of you.

Women love coffee, and many women enjoy hanging out at a nice local cafe. Look for a spot that has a little character, or is a little out of the ordinary. Some examples are Birch, which unapologetically does not offer WiFi and is a great place to strike up a conversation, or Daughter, which has huge street-facing windows, a handful of built-in banquettes that look like giant rocks, and serves Stumptown coffee.

Art galleries and museums are also a good option for meeting women because they tend to attract young, educated women who are looking for a relaxing environment in which to socialize. Group activities are also a great way to meet women, especially if they revolve around a common interest, such as painting, photography, or model trains.

Similarly, if you’re an athlete, try joining a co-ed sports league or yoga class. These types of activities are a great way to make new friends, and also help you get in shape.


Bookstores are much more than just a retail space. They are a community gathering place and a hub to foster creativity and learning. This is why it’s so sad that more and more independent bookstores are closing due to high rent.

Fortunately, there are still a few gems in NYC that every book lover should visit! Take for instance, Bluestockings, a women of color-owned and operated intersectional feminist community bookshop, fair-trade cafe, and events space in Crown Heights. They even have a unique subscription service that delivers books straight to your door (and their event calendar is chock full of amazing feminist-centric topics).

Another great independent NYC bookstore is Perrotin, which features a modern, industrial Scandinavian interior in direct contrast to its antique brick exterior. They specialize in limited edition art-focused books, prints, and apparel by a wide range of rotating artists. They also host a monthly Feminist Book Club and a Women of Color reading group!

Bars & Clubs

Despite what you may see in movies and on TV, bars and clubs are not the best place to meet women. Sure, they do have a high number of females but they are usually in groups and surrounded by guys. Unless you know what you’re doing, it’s difficult to talk to a girl in a bar or club without them running away after two minutes of conversation.

Instead of going to the typical bars and clubs try a place that has a niche. Like a coffee shop or a health food store. These places tend to attract a higher number of women because they have a common interest.

Another great alternative to bars and clubs is taking a class or workshop. Especially one that is in an area of interest for her such as cooking, photography or art. These types of classes or workshops also tend to have smaller class sizes so you have a better chance of talking to a woman.


It’s hard to believe that church is not a good place to meet women but there it is. It is important to note that the purpose of attending church is not to meet people but to worship God, serve others, and build relationships with fellow believers. Meeting a potential partner is just a side benefit of attending church.

The best way to meet women at church is to attend a women’s bible study or a ladies fellowship. This is not to knock mixed gender groups because they also serve the church well but there’s just something about being in a setting that is specifically for women that creates an atmosphere where it’s easier to open up and have quality conversation.

Plus, the odds are in your favor as women outnumber men at most churches. Just make sure you are there for the right reasons and move slowly with any woman you meet in order to ensure you’re on the same page.